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Why Somatic Enneagram

Those of us who have worked with the Enneagram for many years have discovered how truly difficult it is to influence our reactivity.? When we are faced with challenging life circumstances, we find ourselves falling into our type structure?s patterns of automatically reacting, even when we have some insight in these unwanted behaviors.


At the heart of the Enneagram work lies the invitation of increasing awareness of ourselves? how and why we react as we do and where this is experienced. A critical part of that awareness is the “felt sense” in the body. Through our adaptive type patterns we are able to obscure the reality as it is, by following our highly conditioned cognitive-emotional-instinctual lens of perception. By listening to the body we will be able to access the operating instinctual patterns at their roots. This allows us to be able to free ourselves from automatically following these sub-cortical impulses and re-enacting?our type patterns.


In this workshop you will learn how to skillfully use the Somatic Awareness Practice. This practice builds capacity to stay present with the uncomfortable sensation of the ?highly defended? aspect of our type structures, so the life force contained within it can free itself.? Ultimately this way of placing careful attention will lead to a more peaceful and resourceful state with greater resilience and freedom to respond rather than to react.


The workshop format will demonstrate the application of the Somatic Awareness Practice through inquiry facilitation of three centers panels, guided inner practices to cultivate the Inner witness, simple movement and interactive exercises to take you to a place of extended grounded presence and greater well-being – especially when life is challenging.


Marion Bio

Marion Gilbert, R.P.T., has been practicing physical therapy since 1978 and is the owner of a well-established physical therapy practice and movement studio in Grass Valley, CA. She has extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release and Trauma Resolution.

She has been actively using the Enneagram system ? an emotional-cognitive map of human personality structure?? professionally and personally for the past 12 years. She emphasizes using somatic experience for the facilitation of personal and spiritual transformation in the Narrative Tradition Enneagram, with a specific interest in developing somatic experience in relationship to increased awareness and integration. Currently Somatic Enneagram workshops are being taught internationally.

Somatic certification program

Module 1 | Basic Introduction to Somatic Awareness Practice

Learn about the foundational elements and methods of the somatic enneagram through personal and panel inquiry. You will learn to use your body intelligence to relax type structure and cultivate inner resources.

Module 2 | A Somatic Approach to the Defense System of the Enneagram
Learn to use somatic intelligence to recognize our automatic defense mechanism and the adaptive strategies of our type. This will give you greater freedom and choice in how you respond and react to your life circumstances.